Gallery & Testimonies

portrait chris schmidt.JPG
Lindsey takes the time to connect to others and really listens to what your needs are. -Chris S.
Portrait Dog &G Girl Painting.JPG
With Presley recently having had back surgery, you realize how great it is to have a keepsake like a painting. He will always be part of our office now. -Corrin H.
officedogpaintingtestimony 2.jpeg
I gave Lindsey a series of four different photos which she used to combine into one beautiful portrait. My boyfriend’s mother was brought to tears with the gift.
-Haley S.
I am amazed how she managed to capture the sparkle in their eyes and the wee bit of mischievousness. -Turi W.
She captured my vision exactly and was open to my suggestions. -Lindsay K.
Aurora Boys PO.jpg
Captured the face and mind of a kindergarten artist to preserve the importance of the time period. -Lindsey L.

Create a custom painting from a favorite photograph.