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Use Art to Celebrate Your Special Day.

Art has a powerful way to grab attention and pull on the heartstrings. There are various ways paint can be used to create memories like: bachelorette paint night, live painting of your vow exchange, portrait keepsakes of your reception guests, as well as a collaborative guestbook painting.


Portrait Keepsakes

Give a hand-drawn framed portrait to wedding party and guests that captures their pose and expression on customized paper with a special message from Bride & Groom.

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We wanted to give a party gift that would not only help them remember the wedding celebration, but also remember how ‘they’ were on the day. -Tara G.

Ceremony Live Painting

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Wow guests while they watch the vow exchange expressed on canvas to preserve the “I do’s” in a grandiose way! Guests will continue to be amazed when seeing the finished piece at your home!

Collaborative Reception Painting

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Collaborate with the entire wedding party and guests of all ages to create something that expresses the shared experience facilitated by the artist. A guestbook-like masterpiece will become the first wedding heirloom to adorn the wall.


Bachelorette Paint Night

LivePaintinginProgress copy.jpg

Paint together with 8 or more people guided by local artist and licensed art teacher.

Starting with a unique painting created by the artist specifically for the event, the experience begins with step-by-step instruction for each painter.

Calligraphy Signs

Use elegant calligraphy on custom chalkboard, glass, or canvas to help direct attendees with a seating chart and other signs.

How Does it Work?

  1. Inquire about artist availability with date, time, and location.

  2. Schedule a 10 minute phone call before reserving date with half down deposit.

  3. Schedule a 30 minute wedding consultation appointment 45-60 days before event.

  4. Artist arrives 30-90 minutes before event to set up on location.

Do something unique & creative to remember your special day.