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An Expressively You Birthday Art Party is the perfect way to entertain kids for a balance of structure, creativity, and personalization. The weekend kids birthday package includes a customized Paint Party along with Party Favor Portraits for up to 15 kids.

Paint Party

A paint image is created to follow the party theme.

A paint image is created to follow the party theme.

“She knows how to engage kids to follow directions, as well as express themselves.” -Jane Z.

Have a paint party at home or at designated location and the artist brings everything needed to paint in a 60-75 minute workshop.

Girls and boys alike will enjoy getting expressive at the party while being guided step-by-step to create a painting to take home as a memento.

Workshop taught by experienced, licensed art teacher.

Workshop taught by experienced, licensed art teacher.

Party Favors Portraits


Each party guest will be entertained while they talk with the artist for their hand-drawn, full-color portrait to take home in frame as a personalized party gift.

Rather than sending kids home with a goody bag they went home with a sketch of themselves. The parents were in awe and loved the keepsake. -Kari C.

How Does it Work?

  1. Inquire about artist availability with date, time, and location.

  2. Artist arrives 30 minutes early to set up supplies (host provides tables & chairs).

  3. Students leave with their painting and hand-drawn, framed party favor portrait.

“We had a paint birthday party for my daughter. Lindsey was great with the kids and their paintings turned out awesome. She was excited to share her artistic knowledge with the kids and kept them engaged. She also did portraits of each kid to take home. Amazing work and a great person.”
— Jackie K.

Does your child love art and want to celebrate their birthday in a unique and creative way?