I am Expressive Lindsey. A full-time artist and owner of Expressively You; offering expressively created people-focused art and entertainment at special celebrations and events of all types. I always aim to inspire joyful events through art in various ways, including Expressive Portraits (like caricatures), Live Event Painting (like wedding and corporate guestbook), Art Workshops (including paint night fundraisers), as well as Portrait Commissions (including pets)!

Biographical Statement

I am a work of art… molded by my upbringing and colored by my perspective as a helper, pleaser, and idealist. I am the traditional oldest child in the family making me the nurturing one in the bunch.  I consider myself a small town gal valuing the Midwestern work ethics.  Since I could remember, I spent my free time outside exploring the world up close and personal.  I observed nature and drew what I saw whether it were the colors in the garden, lines of a sibling’s face, or changes in the backyard scenery.  My sensitivity and curiosity for my surroundings led me to pursue a degree at Edgewood College in art therapy, which changed to Art & Design Teaching. 

I am fascinated by how the creative process can calm the inner voice to help one cope with life’s realities.  My education led me to become a teacher in both the private and public sectors. My goal is to enable individuals to view all the pursuits of life through the lens of visual art.

What I do now is a continuum of art as a vehicle to increase their self-understanding and positive coping skills. My work with Expressively You is based on the mission that everyone is a work of artworthy to celebrate, engage and inspire.

I believe that everyone deserves to have original art that reflects his or her life.

Expressively You specializes in event art, creative workshops, and portraits painting.