What is it?

Live painting is a visual performance on canvas to capture an event’s energy and message using the artist’s interpretation and a paint brush. The process combines a balance of planning and improvisation to create a hangable work of art that captures any special event.


How it Works?

1. The artist connects with the event organizer to set up the creative structure for event details.

2. The artist gets on site early to begin painting in the setting followed by the placement of key people and subject matter during the event for all to see.

3. The artist takes painting back to the studio to complete details from reference photos to achieve designated cohesiveness before it is delivered to the organizer.


Attendees not only will interact with the speakers but with event artist who creates a visual composite of the energy & content of the sessions. Not only will a masterpiece be ready to hang in the office, but it’s also available as a print keepsake to further the importance of the message.


Wow, guests while they watch the vow exchange painted on canvas to preserve the “I do’s” in a grandiose way! Guests will continue to be amazed to see the finished piece in your home and on thank you cards!

Have Live Painting at your next event!