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Art has a powerful way to grab attention and leave a lasting impression.

There are various ways painting can be used to express and bring home non-profit values like Expressive Portraits, Live Auction Painting, Collaborative Painting, Paint Night Fundraiser, and Mission Painting.

Expressive Portraits

An Expressive Portrait drawn during cocktail and silent auction time at Reach-A-Child’s gala, “Evening of Red & Blue.”

An Expressive Portrait drawn during cocktail and silent auction time at Reach-A-Child’s gala, “Evening of Red & Blue.”


Live Auction Painting


Collaborative Painting


Paint Night Fundraiser

Lindsey is not only an amazing artist, but an amazing teacher! She hosted an event for me to raise money for Leukemia & Lymphoma Society & I had a blast. -Cassie W.

Mission Painting


This piece was created for the Reach-A-Child office to greet volunteers, donors, and staff about their mission to “Comfort and Distract Children-in-Crisis.”


Are you looking for something entertaining, unique, and social to reflect your mission and event?

Offer attendees a hand-drawn portrait that can adorn a wall to forever remind them of the time at your event.

We use hand-crafted paper with touches of color and logos for these portraits, which not only represents the organization’s brand, but associates viewers with the values of creativity & individuality.


While sipping on wine and bidding during the program, attendees will interact with the event artist as she creates a visual composite of the energy of the attendees and event message.

This unforgettable and meaningful painting is then auctioned to the highest bidder of the event to remind the viewer of importance of the organization.


While donors and guests are mingling, artist will encourage attendees to paint a feeling, thought, or memory related to the event and cause. Artist will fine tune the guestbook-like imagery to present the finished piece at the end of the event. Finished product can be auctioned off and used on thank you cards.


Artist facilitates attendees of all ages and abilities to paint something that represents the gathering, company, and culture.

After the event, the artist works in the studio to finalize each paint stroke to preserve a clear message and aesthetic.

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Artist creates a painting that represents the mission of the organization. Lindsey will create an image that will tell a story about who is served and why.


Do something unique to raise funds & awareness.